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Posted by Kath Crossley on 13 February 2020

Does the word "Networking" turn your stomach?

I just left a networking lunch.  Yes lunch, where I sat at a table with seven other people and had conversations several of them.  It was a great lunch.  Everyone was relaxed, friendly, welcoming, genuine and happy to be there.  After the lunch I went and spoke with several other people too.

So what made this event work for me?

The standard "Networking event" where people rush to push (sometimes slightly sweaty) business cards into your hands with the notion that that alone will make a sale, business relationship, get offered a job or who knows what???  Often this all happens while you're try to balance some kind of drink and/or food that wasn't designed to be eaten one-handed, or standing up, trying not to spill them all over yourself or your new "contact".  How did anyone ever think that this was a good idea?

I find the whole traditional networking thing awkward, unnatural, sometimes pretentious and generally fake.  In fact when you say "Networking" I do this!

Don't get me wrong I like people, I have a huge network and I like introducing new people to each other hopefully so that they will benefit from the introduction.

What are the 3 best tips I have for networking?
1. Be authentic and interested in other people;
2. Give before you get What can you do to assist the other person?
3. Don't try to sell anything.

Just as an aside This lunch is a monthly joint venture by the North West Business Alliance and the Port Adelaide Rotary Club.  For information go to www.nwba.org.au

Maybe we'll see you there...

Author: Kath Crossley
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