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Posted by Kath Crossley on 13 February 2020
Does the word "Networking" turn your stomach? I just left a networking lunch.  Yes lunch, where I sat at a table with seven other people and had conversations several of them.  It was a great lunch.  Everyone was relaxed, friendly, welcoming, genuine and happy to be there.  After the lunch I went and spoke with several other people too. So what made this event work for me? The standard "Networking event" where people rush to push (sometimes s...
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DISC Blended Learning

Posted by Kath Crossley on 22 January 2020
Exciting News! Fulcrum People and Edge Learning have partnered to bring you the "persolog DISC Experience" a Blended Learning programme.
DISC is the most popular personality profiling tool used by over 1 million people each year in more than 180 countries.  The persolog® DISC model defines the four main personality styles as Dominant, Influential, Steady and Cautious.  Every person has a different mix of these personality styles.  The persolog® DISC...
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persolog E-Port Lunch & Learn

Posted by Kath Crossley on 13 January 2020
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