NWBA Awards

Posted by Kath Crossley on 16 August 2019
The NWBA 2019 Awards Fulcrum People proudly supports the North West Business Alliance. To learn more about NWBA go to the website www.nwba.org.au   The NWBA Awards Presentation Gala were held last night. Wayne Phillips (former Aussie Cricketer) MC'd the night and Alex Heidenreich of Diamond Cyber, (and a former Australian Special Forces Commander) was the keynote speaker.  The photo shows the finalists. Congratulations to the winners: TickTax, Y...
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Blended Learning

Posted by Kath Crossley on 1 August 2019
We're really excited about partnering with Sally Bowes from Edge Learning to put some of our uniques courses and self-assessment modules onto a "blended Learning" and ELearning platform. By doing this we will be able to offer our content adn courses directly to students who otherwise wouldn't have been able to learn with us.  We will still be working direct to organisations creating our own bespoke solutions but are branching out too. Stay tuned for updates. ...
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Creativity & Fun

Posted by Kath Crossley on 18 January 2019



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