Heatstroke - Heat Exhaustion

Posted by Kath Crossley on 9 January 2020
Please take care today.  Temperatures in Adelaide are expected to hit the 40's.  Smoke from the bushfires may aggravate asthmatics.  If you have asthma, remember to take your inhaler with you everywhere, stay inside where possible, and activate your asthma plan if required. Please make sure you and yours drink lots of water, keep cool, wear lightweight breathable clothing, stay inside - preferably in air conditioning and check on the elderly.  Please put sha...
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Australian Bushfires - Trauma

Posted on 8 January 2020
Health experts say fear and worry 'normal' as country responds to bushfire crisis
UPDATED ABOUT AN HOUR AGO read the full story https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2020-01-08/bushfires-worry-and-anxiety-normal-in-recovery-from-disaster/11849380?pfmredir=sm&fbclid=IwAR0OlgxApdOD6fJbAcuVDp4p2nPK6RuoogPkvjiV5Ahn7s_GxdZQZDt2Noc AAP: SEAN DAVEY 
Coolagolite farmer Steve Shipten is consoled by fellow farmers after surveying h...
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Kangaroo Island Assistance

Posted by Kath Crossley on 7 January 2020
The bushfires that have burnt and are still burning across our beautiful country are truly devastating.  It's impossible to miss the tragic news of death and destruction. The generosity of Aussies and our Global friends has been staggering.  So many goods, food and clothing etc. has been donated that agencies no longer have the capacity to take anymore.  Funds have been donated from around Australia and the globe for people affected by the fires. At Fulcrum we...
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