A trip to Keith

Posted by Kath Crossley on 19 August 2013

Peter and I had a great trip to Keith on Friday and Saturday to facilitate a "Team Advance" with the Kindergarten and Child Care centre staff. A wonderful group, very excited about persolog DISC and what this means for their team. We enjoyed some RSVP Design activites as well as the tried and tested "Electric Maze" with this team, clocking up a fantastic time.

Thanks for having us :)


Sunshine in Winter

Posted by Kath Crossley on 12 August 2013
Well the FP office is a buzz with action at the first sign of spring (wishfull thinking we know - we are ready for it).  We have training, accreditations, a trip to the country and some RSVP Design experiential learning. Stay tuned for updates.  Be safe, The Fulcrum People, people.

GLF 2012 - Pressure Point & Belbin

Posted by Kath Crossley on 6 August 2013
We enjoyed the first 4 of 8 "Community Action Project (CAP) teams from the 2012 Governors Leadership Foundation Programme for a night of Belbin Team Roles, RSVP Design "Pressure point" activity and team "Pizza making" last night.  Another great group of people seeking to change South Australia for the better.

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