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Electric Maze

The Electric Maze is a Teaming device that quickly gives individuals the chance to experience themselves coming together around a challenge, operating as a high performance team and ultimately succeeding.  It highlights the components of truly effective teamwork; of what it means to be a 'team player' rather than a 'team member.'

To date, over 3000 teams compromising over 33,000 participants ranging from Boards of Directors of many Fortune 500 Companies, professional athletic teams, management teams and frontline staff have participated and gained valuable insights in exploring their ability to perform at very high levels of capability.

The Maze has several applications for Teaming and expands to meet the continuing development of a team. It can be used in applications as diverse as project management, vision achievement, change, paradigm shift continuous improvement, customer service and team building.




Participant’s thinking and behaviour styles are immediately demonstrated through use of the NetWork, making it an excellent assessment and discovery tool.  It allows for accelerated, iterative learning and ample opportunity for developing and practicing leadership and team skills. While it has many applications, it is ideal for demonstrating the difference between traditional and empowered operations.




Toobeez helps to identify people’s talents and abilities and can lead to better communication, cooperation, creative decision making, influencing, project management and teamwork…just to name a few.

Toobeez activities can be tailored to meet a range of team building/group development outcomes.  All activities are constructive, fun, engaging and enable effective learning transfer.



MTA Products

MTA products can help teams and individuals to enhance their planning, listening, sensitivity, relationship, leadership, customer service orientation and followship skills.

All activities are designed to target specific training needs and allows for the raising of issues that relate to participants' workplace concerns.



Mars Surface Rover

The Mars Surface Rover allows participants to distinguish between a team and a group.  Interdependence is explored as individual responsibilities and commitment have a direct impact on the outcome of the activity.  The importance of continual team communication is uncovered.

Teams are competing to win a lucrative NASA contract.  Their mission is to build a prototype Mars Surface Rover.  The teams must meet strict NASA criteria to win the contract.  Teams that ignore these criteria do so at their own peril! The activity requires balancing creativity, productivity and financial metrics and inter-team competitiveness.



Jungle Escape

Jungle Escape is a fun and highly effective activity that is perfect for introducing and reinforcing basic team skills.  Teams will discover their current level of group development, experience first hand the impact of planning and individual behaviour on group results and productivity.

Through an introductory scenario, teams learn that they are a helicopter flight crew and have crash landed in a remote jungle.  To survive, each group must build an escape helicopter with spare parts, some diagrams and limited access to a completed model.

If you like, it’s the “Flight of the Phoenix” without the sand hills!


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