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Valerie Lew-Keidrowski

Holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours and is an internationally accredited trainer for a broad range of programmes including VitalSmarts, Conversant, SATURN, TripleWin and all BFSD programmes. She is also an accredited Master Trainer for many blue-chip companies in-house programmes and a Master Trainer in persolog Personality Factor Model, Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Situational Leadership.

Valerie is an active member of the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) and the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) and was a board member of the US based TripleWin Alliance (the group behind the legendary $3.5M SATURN experiment).

Valerie has extensive local and international experience in writing and delivering training across many industries including agriculture, automotive, aviation, defence, education, engineering, finance, FMCG, government, hospitality, information technology, medical, mining, pharmaceutical, print, property and retail.

Valerie had her first career in advertising and marketing and rose to national executive prominence within an international company. After 15 years in the industry she was determined to prove her individual entrepreneurial worth by founding a start up consultancy before moving into the training world as BluePrint.

This brand achieved prominence throughout Africa and produced a 10M Rand result before being on sold to a local partner.

Her client list provides a who's who of world brands. As an example she managed the General Motors "Difference" programme for South Africa (in this country a parallel GM programme called "The Holden Difference"). Both programs resulted in cultural changes affecting thousands of people for the better in each country.

With an enviable reputation in diverse industries, we are proud to have Valerie join our team. She oversees our eastern seaboard activities and is the driving force behind our branding and marketing.


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