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Fulcrum People is a Human Resource Development consulting firm with over 21 years experience in delivering self assessment products and training within Australia and the S.E Asia Pacific region.

Just like Archimedes in describing the law of the lever and the role of the fulcrum, we intend that our consulting involvement will provide you with temporary support to underpin your organisational improvement efforts.

It is never our intention to stay forever or make you dependent for all time. Rather, we hope to make you independent as quickly as possible, until the next time you choose to seek our assistance.

Our Purpose:

"We provide people in organisations with world-class self assessment products and training that works."

Our Values:

Earning the Right

We earn and re-earn the right to be in our business and to work with your business.


We seek and support productive relationships. We will not undertake meaningless or trivial work and will not associate with people whose values we do not wish to share.

Guaranteed Effectiveness

We do what we say we are going to do, charge only for our competence and guarantee to achieve agreed outcomes, or your consulting fee is refunded.

Continuous Learning

Learning is part of our DNA. We are a learning organisation that invests 20% of its payroll in professional development. We share what we learn and continue to learn. Our staff are all engaged in professional development organisations and give back to the community through these involvements.

Ethical Transparency

We will not work with competing organisations in the same industry without the awareness and understanding of our existing clients.

Cultural Awareness

We are proud business members of our multi-cultural Australian community and enjoy the opportunities and relationships that emerge when we engage with the rest of the world from this perspective.


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