Our Training Approach

We use the 7S model to ensure that our interventions consider the interacting elements within your business.

All too often, stand alone strategic Human Resource development activities and change initiatives fail because they do not adopt a systems-thinking approach to the problem.

Our assignments usually begin with us getting an understanding of your organisation and the issues you are seeking to address.  Once we have agreed the issues, we agree the outcomes you are seeking using 7S, explore the best way of achieving them, design the programme, and agree the best people in our team to deliver.  Finally we offer full costing for your consideration.

We offer tailored programs in each and every client partnering relationship.  "Off the Shelf", "Shrink Wrap" or "One Size Fits All" can never be used to describe our work.

The time we invest in establishing your existing situation is generally not billable.  Rather, we see it as an investment in establishing our competence to do the work.  This approach represents a concrete example of our "earning the right" philosophy.



Training Design

Our training topics usually employ the following sequence:

  • Learning objectives
  • Self assessment/benchmarking
  • Discussion of background theory
  • Training room based experiential activities to demonstrate theory
  • Debrief and link to the workplace
  • Action learning application back in the organisation
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Formal evaluation


While we design our Organisational Development initiatives to specific client requirements we have offered solutions in all of the following topic areas:

  •       Adventure Learning
  •       Action Learning facilitation
  •       Coaching and mentoring
  •       Communication training
  •       Coping & stress management
  •       Cultural change roll-out
  •       Customer service & enthusiasm training
  •       Leadership & executive development
  •       Negotiation and conflict resolution
  •       Outdoor adventure based team building
  •       Sales and key account management training
  •       Total quality management (TQM) and continuous improvement


Project and client details supplied on request.


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