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Leadership Development Programs

At Fulcrum People we have trained hundreds of Leaders from the Frontline to Senior Executive levels across diverse industries including agri-business, banking, government agencies, logistics, manufacturing, mining, not for profits and retail.

We believe that when correctly applied a leadership curriculum assists organisations to very rapidly address two problems:



Team Building & Group Development Programs

The importance of getting teams to work together has been widely documented.  The question remains 'How can we do this?'

At Fulcrum People our customised programs target the needs of your teams by balancing the team's attention for task and supportive behaviours.  By using our Experiential Learning approach, teams are able to directly apply improved team methods in the training room then rapidly apply the learned processes back in the work place.

BEST FIT Selection:

Has been derived from our earlier and less developed BESS programme to put our clients back in charge of the recruitment process. Developed by the Consultants as a simple, effective and defensible process, it is based on the premise that "past behaviour is the best predictor of future job performance". BEST FIT is supported by a competency and compatibility design service which is relevant, reliable and simple to use and difficult to fake.

SATURN Originated Training:

SATURN is now defunct but was based in Tennessee, USA and continues to represent an exceptional team development case study. The SATURN programmes originally supported General Motor's legendary $3.8 Billion 'experiment' to build a "different kind of car company".  Saturn's programmes are values driven and produce exceptional levels of loyalty and productivity within the corporations that have employed them.

As SATURN accredited trainers we have the ability to tailor these programs to your specific requirements.

NEXT STEP - The Boardroom

Are you currently involved as a volunteer with a Board or Committee and feel that you need a better understanding of the board member's role and responsibilities and how effective Boards work, or do you run your own business and feel this program would provide you with the skill set and confidence to move your business to the next level?

NEXT STEP The Boardroom© is open to leaders who believe they are ready or thinking about taking on Board or Committee positions.  Specifically designed for men and women like you; who would like to apply their personal and professional skills as non-executive directors. All professions are welcome to apply. NEXT STEP The Boardroom© incorporates five individual workshops targeting professional development:

Full Day workshop
The Boardroom©
This one day workshop will cover key topics including the roles and responsibilities of board members and their accountability. We also cover the types of boards, the differences between boards in different sectors and importantly how to evaluate and select the right Board for you.
But most importantly we work closely with you to prepare your board-specific resume to aid in your nomination for your preferred board positions.

Half Day Workshop
Skills Profiling - persolog®
Personal strength is no coincidence! Rather it is the culmination of personal growth strategies which individuals utilise in the formation and maintenance of their interpersonal relationships.
Discover your strengths; find your basic behavioural style; understand yourself and others better through the persolog® Behavioural Profile model.

Half Day Workshop
Professional Networking Tips and Tools
Learn how to build and nurture your professional network using electronic professional networking tools. The LinkedIn app makes it easier to connect to the people and things that matter in your professional world. Build and nurture your professional network and help find your next dream job. It's more than just your professional resume it shows the world who you are and what you've accomplished in your career.

Half Day Workshop
Business Networking Etiquette
The prospect of walking into a business networking event or conference can be both exciting and daunting. By utilising a few key social skills for business, these events can become more manageable and allow for real growth for you personally and your business client list.

Full Day Workshop
Business Dining Etiquette includes 3 course business luncheon
How best to represent your organisation at a business function where food and beverage are served, some individuals can find the whole experience quite overwhelming. Being able to negotiate through the cutlery, glasses and crockery layout can be tricky, ordering a bottle of wine daunting. Who pays? To tip or not to tip and how much, are questions that can make you anxious at this critical business time. By utilising a few key social skills for business, these events can become more manageable and enable real growth for you personally and your business.


Individual Coaching

We do not trade as life skills or executive coaches as a specialist function, rather experience has taught us that a sustained change in behaviour is more likely to occur when individuals are given the chance to reflect more specifically on what they have discovered/learned.

These personalised sessions therefore support our training involvements and are an adjunct to our Organisational Development approach rather than a stand alone effort.

What we can say is that our coaching provides a working example of our Results Orientation value in action. Frequently clients tell us that we care more than others and it's our practical coaching that highlights the difference. Our consultants all have extensive life experience and can communicate across many organisational cultures with participants from shop floor/quarry face to board room.




"If you are not satisfied with our work and subsequent discussions fail to resolve your concerns, we will reimburse the value of our consulting fees."


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