Quality Assurance

Fulcrum People is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO No. 40344) and subject to stringent quality assurance requirements as a consequence.  Whether we are involved in an RTO assignment or otherwise, all assignments are developed to exceed RTO standards.

Fulcrum People use a 5 level quality system for grading its trainers.  No trainer will be assigned to a particular project without the clients’ understanding and commitment.  We only allow level 4 and 5 trainers to manage assignments and lead other consultants.


Level 5

Master Trainer:

Can train trainers and develop and modify materials for start up projects and ‘first time’ clients.


Level 4

Senior Trainer:

Can lead courses and modify materials within an existing course to suit client requirements.


Level 3


Can deliver material without support of a more experienced trainer.  Cannot lead or train other trainers, cannot modify material.


Level 2

Assistant Trainer:

Can work on a training program under the supervision of a level 4-5 trainer.  Usually used in debriefing group exercises and for shorter and less complex delivery roles.  They will have completed the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.


Level 1


Entry level person with appropriate qualifications, presentation skills and industry experience.  Will normally only observe or will facilitate under strict supervision.  They are expected to be committed to acquiring Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

At Fulcrum People, we are committed to evaluating our programs for our own continuous improvement and we commit 20% of our payroll on developing our people to enhance our learning organisation capability.


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