Your Return on Investment

At Fulcrum People, we are committed to evaluating our programs to satisfy our Quality Assurance standards, but most importantly we also assist you in measuring your return in your investment dollar.  An evaluation strategy is established with you at the outset of each program.  We use Donald Kirkpatrick’s 4 levels of evaluation to do this.



Level 1:

Planned reaction and action:

- Measures the program satisfaction and captures participants’ reactions.

What we do:

- Every program participant completes this level of evaluation through the use of evaluation sheets and/or on-line surveys.


- The participant has a positive reaction to the training program.



Level 2:


- Measures changes in knowledge, skills and attitudes.

What we do:

- All RTO qualifications and most consulting assignments have inbuilt workplace projects or assignments with a report component to be submitted to assess participants against specific criteria/outcomes.  This is to supplement any classroom based activities using our own or independently developed assessments processes.


- The participant acquires knowledge, develops skills, or changes attitudes/perceptions.



Level 3:


- Measures behaviour change in the workplace in knowledge, skills and attitudes.

What we do:

- Prior to multi-unit programs, participants complete individual learning plans addressing the range of knowledge, skills and attitude required of them.  At the completion of the program this process is repeated to identify behavioural evidence that learning has taken place.  This level of evaluation can also be integrated into your performance management system.


- The participant uses new knowledge, skills and attitude on the job.



Level 4:

Impact on business:

 - Measures changes in business impact variables.

What we do:

- Identify impact areas where there is a direct link between business results and KRA/KPI’s and the training undertaken, for example:

  •     Quality Management – waste measures, re work, productivity and efficiencies
  •     Selling Skills – activity measures and sales results
  •     Performance Management – successful completed interviews
  •     Customer Service Skills – client satisfaction measures
  •     Employee Engagement – employee/culture surveys


- The use of new knowledge & skills and attitudes drives business performance.



Beyond Level 4:

Return on Investment:

- Measured by comparing program benefits with costs.

What we do:

- Using the data from Level 4 you will be able to complete a cost/benefit analysis.  We are able to assist you in this process, however, if required we can organise an independent research service to test our program outcomes.

Derived Outcome:

- Monetary value of business performance exceeds costs of program.


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