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At Fulcrum People, we have developed a business which uses self development/assessment products as a significant point of difference from the majority of firms in our industry.  We also conduct certifications and sell products to qualified clients.



persolog® DISC:

Is the original, most up to date, most rigorously tested, and most widely used propriety self assessment psychometric system in the world.

It provides excellent validity and reliability and is easy to absorb and apply individually or throughout a corporate culture as required.

John Geier's DISC questionnaire has been taken by more than 40 million people world wide and is supported by an international network of certified Facilitators and Distributors. His work has been copied and adapted by many imitators around the world. There is however only one original DISC model and one organisation with whom John Geier has worked exclusively for the last decade. That organisation is persolog GmbH whose product we endorse and promote based on their established excellence and current research integrity.  DISC is available in 31 languages and can be taken online or in hard copy formats.

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Belbin Team Role Inventory:

Is based on the Cambridge research undertaken by Dr. Meredith Belbin, with more than 30 years of industrial proving behind it.

We believe that Belbin is the best and most versatile technology for identifying and predicting individual and group behaviours in a team setting.

It can be used to help create a perfect team or to help an existing team overcome its membership limitations to fight well above its weight.




Provide the most detailed set of behavioural competencies we have seen to date.  They can be used for establishing cultural norms for an organisation, reinventing team values and performance management frameworks, among many other applications. The competencies are supported by excellent support-ware to provide individuals and teams with learning guides and reading for on-going development.



Quick Plan:

Is our copyrighted business planning framework.  It is influenced by the Stephen Covey concept that "energy follows focus". We each need to be concerned with what we can control and influence, in that order.  The other key influence is Dr Reg Revans, the inventor of Action Learning and the first person to explore Q: the ability the best people have to create business certainty out of uncertainty in crafting their own and their organisations future.

The Plan is highly visible and lists the Vision, Mission and Values of the business.  It links the Key Result Areas to strategic objectives and the strategies required to produce improvement in a forecast period.

Each person can see where they fit and what they have to do to make a contribution to the organisation. The product is designed for daily use. We can also link the plan to job design and performance management conversations.


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