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The Blast Game

Any organisation interested in improving its production or Continuous Improvement methodology can benefit from The Blast Game™ experience. Whether you're a manufacturer or a service provider - in fact, no matter what industry you're in - the game will get your team on-board and committed to fundamental, dramatic change, quickly and easily.  It's a great way to kick off a new total quality program, to focus on a particular trouble-spot, to orient new employees to your culture and goals, or to teach critical team building skills. Use it whenever there's a need to streamline and improve your processes - and watch the results.

Its addictive, high energy format gets people involved while typical organisational metrics measure and plot group progress. The Blast Game™ is also an ideal Assessment Centre device for measuring a wide variety of  member competencies.



Know Me

Know Me is an international award winning board game originally designed to bring about positive discussions between politically disparate groups in South Africa as they crafted a new nation. Know Me builds trust and  deeper understanding of differences and positive relationships very quickly.

Based on the Johari Window concept and using ‘asking’ and ‘telling’ skills at easy, moderate and more intense levels, participants learn to give and receive feedback, in a very stimulating environment.

Know Me has been used in over 30 countries by many different organisations.  It is especially useful for integrating teams, managing change, building communities, enhancing personal mastery and improving team communications.  It takes participants through a process where they meet as equals and break down barriers in an enjoyable, non threatening environment.



Star Power

Created in 1969 by Garry Shirts in the USA, this activity has been used by over five million people world-wide.

It provokes participants to rethink their approach and assumptions about the use and abuse of power.  In many ways it is similar to  the more recently reported ‘Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes’ experiments seen on global television.  This activity is extremely dynamic and can be taken by groups of up to 100 at any one time.  It creates an almost instant micro culture in the training room from which everybody learns; in some cases, life changing lessons.




This intensive four part experience is excellent for Management Teams, or any sophisticated groups with solid business experience.

Firstly, as individuals, and then as a team, participants work to reverse the climate and fiscal situation of a failing manufacturing plant.  The survival of the company depends on the team’s ability to make decisions in six key areas.

Turnaround strengthens managers ability to work effectively, problem solve, and encourages negotiating between team members.  Sophisticated feedback is part of the simulation; it shows just how effective each individual has been relative to the team’s results. It is highly instructive for managers and groups who are interested in introducing systemic change, or restructuring their organisations.


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