I have learnt so much throughout the Mutage course. It has opened my eyes so a lot of self-awareness. I have been on a journey at Bilyara for 2 years now along with Covey training and other internal training; Mutage has definitely been the winner for me. It has opened my eyes to how I am perceived by others, how to make other people's personalities work for you instead of against, the DISC styles is something that I will never forget and that was from the moment I read on paper about Pete and myself clashing and it was completely correct.
Narkia Smith, Packaging Technician - Bilyara | TWE

WOW, thank you so much, this really means so much for me and my future. I will write a testimonial about what I have learned from this and also how well you and Kath have presented the training. I thoroughly enjoyed the training what you guys have given me(us) . Never once was I bored with the training and every time looked forward to the next workshop. You guys are experts at what you do.
Ed Bailey, Maintenance Team Leader | TWE

Thanks for the prompt response and the positive feedback on the assignments.
Thanks for all the learnings you and your team have delivered to us throughout the past 6 months, I know that I will be using a significant amount of this going forward.
Mark Starick, Planning and Logistics Manager, Winery | TWE

I admit that I was doubtful at first that visiting 2 days every 2 months would provide an effective environment for learning the course. I was surprised to find that the structured format of the course which was laid out very early, and the activity which took place in between visits was a very stable and effective learning environment. I must also say that sharing the program with a colleague from my own state further encouraged the process. In terms of addressing the very different personalities in the room, it was a very a very eye opening experience watching yourself and Andy utilize many of the skills and methodology you were in fact teaching us to ensure that the information was being communicated and comprehended regardless of learning style and personality type. "I can honestly say that while I have taken part in many short courses / seminars which explore the function of teams and behavior trends, I have never been further educated on how to use the knowledge in a leadership function and apply it to my everyday role."
Brett Whitelaw, Sales Manager NSW/ACT/NZ | Hi-Light

Thanks for everything Carol, Kath and team. I have not only learned a lot but met such wonderful people that will never be lost. Apart from beer and family there's nothing better than that.
This has been an awesome experience and enjoyable. I have taken so much from this course and for that I am extremely grateful. But for the extra grey hairs - not so!
Justin Henke, Cellar Leading Hand, Penfolds | TWE

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