I would like to extend the biggest thank you, this course has opened my eyes to the ways of fantastic people leadership and to never settle for 2nd best. In the beginning I doubted my management style, then through the course I found ways to improve myself. Your facilitation skills ensured we did not just learn the core components and read text books, we did a deep dive into subject matter and had supporting information to help us understand everything and give us the tools required to be great people leaders. This is a program I will never forget.
Once again THANK YOU!!
Adam Cruikshank, Warehouse Team Leader | TWE

I would like to thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart for teaching, supporting and help with this great course.
The Mutage sessions were both informative and inspirational and, I'm looking forward to sharing the things I have learned with our team.
Hasan Cam, Compliance Coordinator, Karadoc | TWE

Thanks for the feedback Carol! It has been the biggest challenge I've had since working at TWE over the last 8 years.
I would like to thank-you for the support over the last 6 months and hopefully still stay in contact.
Sage Krollig, Quality Assurance, Bilyara | TWE


Thank you for the valuable feedback, it is much appreciated.  I can't thank you enough for your support through Mutage this year.  It has sincerely been the best training I have ever undertaken.

You and your team made the training very exciting, interactive and interesting.

As each workshop occurred, I looked forward to the next one more and more.  I learnt a lot through the process, both about myself and tools to use in future.

Robert Lewis, Senior Electrical Automation Technician | TWE, Penfolds


This course and the process of the project and the challenges it had for me personally has helped me to step back and think about how what I do, what I say, how I say it and the impact that words and actions have on others.  This is both professionally and personally.

I felt under the pump massively but things I've learned through Mutage have helped keep me calm give me time to break things down.

This has been a rewarding challenge, I've discovered many things about myself and my style of communication and leadership which I hope will help me through what lays ahead in my future.

Troy King, Vineyard Supervisor, McLaren Vale | TWE

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