Much of the Mutage course has provided me with new skills and education which has allowed me to put them into practise along the way, especially in my workplace project.


Trent McShane | TWE


Hi Fulcrum,

Thanks for your kind and positive feedback, I appreciate it.

What I found interesting was after the meeting I felt really happy with myself, and how the meeting went.

While doing my assignment and reflecting on my meeting I felt an extreme amount of pride and satisfaction on what I had accomplished.

I must thank you and your staff for helping me and giving me the tools to be able to do this.
Thanks again and I will see you in a couple of weeks for Graduation.

Adam Groverman | TWE


I actually feel quite honoured being chosen by my managers and TWE to attend this course.

It's good that my managers see the potential I have within the company and have given me the opportunity to be able to learn and grow.

I would like to thank Carol, Kath & Scott for their excellent work in helping all of us manage to complete this Diploma and projects. I think the different teaching styles they provided was good because they were all different and it made learning a little easier. I think the whole course was very well run and covered a vast variety of topics that would make us all better leaders.

Each site we visited to do our course was very welcoming and provided a good environment to learn.

The food was amazing and I enjoyed the different people in my group. I was surprised that people drove so far to attend this course and that shows the dedication that they have to attend each lesson.

Adam Schroeter | TWE

Thanks very much! Your feedback on my Workplace Project means a lot. I spent a lot of time on it and learnt some amazing skills from you and your team!!

Deanna Ruediger

I was the coordinator for the 2015 SAPOL Youth Leadership Camp. The Youth Leadership Camp is aimed at recognising and supporting the future leaders of South Australia. The selected year 11 students participate in a variety of activities designed to enhance their skills in leadership. The students also hear from current South Australian Leaders who freely donate their time to help these students achieve excellence. We were lucky enough to have Kath and Andy from Fulcrum People attend our camp and conduct a leadership, team building and communication session with the students. In fact, Fulcrum People have supported our program over a number of years. The professionalism shown and the connection to the students was exceptional. Several of the students have since contacted me requesting to personally thank Kath and Andy for their presentation. This is a direct result of the positive impact the session’s activities had on the students.
Mark Wade | SAPOL

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